AIMBSN was established as a Social Enterprise and has created a Chapter Franchisee model to reach out to individuals and the community. AIMBSN would select Chapter Franchisee owners based on the application.

Franchise Advantage & Process

  • How can I become an AIMBSN Franchisee owner?
    Firstly, complete the application form, an appointment would be set with the management team for an introductory call. Based on the discussion, the management would inform you about the approval of the application.
  • What is the eligibility to become an AIMBSN Franchisee owner?
    1. Entrepreneurship spirit 2. Office location 3. Support Staff 4. Financial resources 5. Good standing as an individual and organization 6. Dedication & visionary
  • What kind of support does an AIMBSN Franchisee owner receive?
    1. Training 2. Support in hosting events, conferences, training & consultancy. 3. Marketing & Sales support
  • Do you offer multiple cities AIMBSN Franchisee?
    Case to case bases.
  • What is the benefit as a Franchisee Owner?
    1. Income generation from events, training & consultation 2. Business community connect 3. Networking with business owners and community for business
  • Do you offer an AIMBSN Franchisee to professionals?
    Yes, they need to have the drive to start their own business.
  • Do you offer exclusive AIMBSN franchisees per city?
    Yes, we offer exclusively – One City One AIMBSN Franchise.
  • Do you offer a master franchisee for the State or a region?
    Case to case bases.